Thessaloniki Street Food Festival 2023

Thessaloniki Street Food Festival 2023

The idea of the creation of Thessaloniki Street Food Festival been born through our travels, our love for the food and naturally the history of Thessaloniki.

Having lives each one had us in various cities per the world to the occasion to visit, to taste and to work in equivalents Street Food Festivals. In our brain, the gastronomic search is unbreakably connected with each our travel. Strange flavours, old and new recipes, unknown combinations and materials. The history of Thessaloniki attracts us also us shows the correct direction. A city “crossroad of populations”, which the older years existed cradle of multiculturalism, that today has maintained him in her “flavours”. Spices, perfumes, raw material and recipes from all the world. From India up to America, from the European sweets up to sushi of Asia. We create a two-day feast, open to all!

Through flavours we want to seek and to present the common tasty identity, to know the difference and foreigner, our palates they explore new flavours. For 3 days it will live up a “tasty” village with different cookers from the all over the world, food market, kitchen lab, kids’ corner and music from bands and DJs!

Our bigger objective is elected Thessaloniki in the gastronomic capital of Europe, via the art of street food!

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